Wednesday, 11 September 2013

BMT Jam at Stockwell: Sunday 15th September

Stockwell Skatepark BMT jam this weekend, Sunday 15th September.

 Centah mini 12 volt Sound will be in attendance providing good good reggae, roots and dub music for your daily bread featuring selectors Matt Gold, Jah Echo, Highgrade Goodvibez, Hippy Adam, and Quintessential Sound Crew.

 A big thank you to Vito Coco and Marley Energy Drinks who are sponsoring the days event.

South Londons illest skateboarders BMT and all the crew for a fun day out at the beach. BBQ, all ages skate comps with prizes for best trick, game of SKATE, from Satta Skates, BLAST skates, Brixton Cycles, Horse zine, Skateboard Religion, and more from midday until late..

See you there!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Fix Stockwell Skatepark Collection Plate

There will be a collection plate going around at the weekend to go towards fixing the area's of the park that have deteriorated after the last few harsh winters... please bring some spare readies

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Alana is putting on a Spring Carnival Art Fair: Saturday 25th May 2013

Contact Harriet for more information:

Brixton Beach BBQ & Jam: Sunday 5th May 2013

The Sun is out and it is time to dust the BBQ off marinade some meat charge the batteries on the Stereo and get together for a good ol' Stockwell Skatepark Jam..

See you all there on Sunday,

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Typical Culture - 'The Hype Train'

Typical Culture presents "The Hype Train" a D.I.Y. based skateboarding
film by Zack Dowdy. Taking it back to the basics with tents, concrete,
dirt, tools, and a group of 100% skateboarders dedicated to mashing all
the time. Based out of San Diego, Calif. Featuring Chris Gregson, Greg
Zamarripa, Luis Sedano, Chris Russell, Zack Dowdy, Brendan Keaveny,
Connor Getzlaff, Josh Stafford, Little Chris, and more. 

The Hype Train is a crew of skateboarders that managed to find each-other
in Southern California. When everyone (The Hype Train) is together and
the wheels start turning - everybody starts pushing their limits, going for
the thrill seek. Taking skateboarding back to the basics, trying things we
never even imagined. All because we push each other, and this vibe runs
deep in the Hype Train, making it impossible to see anything impossible.

Premiering January 24th 2013 - At La Paloma Theater - Encinitas, Calif.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Rich Gilligan: DIY Book

Rich Gilligan launched his DIY book last night with a show at Beach London. The show was rad, we drank whiskey and ginger to keep warm and talked photo's, concrete, riding bikes in winter and of course the only way the brits can: 'talk about the weather'.. I recommend that if you didn't go last night to get to the gallery and take a look for yourself. Rich has worked on this book over the last 4 years and all the hard work has paid off because this one beautiful book of landscapes of reclaimed land for a soul purpose to shred.

The Lovenskate Video: Premiere's Wednesday 12th December

It's going to be a banger... don't miss it!

Monday, 12 November 2012

'The Art Of Rolling' Exhibition

Pretty much everyone from around the UK that paints and rides will be exhibiting at 'The Art Of Rolling' happening  this FRIDAY 16TH NOVEMBER, 5pm-10pm, 29-31 Oxford Street, London, for three days and the second show in Brighton later on in the month

Support your fellow shredders and buy something, all proceeds go to skateboarders in Gaza currently dodging bullets, shrapnel and missiles just to skate...

Proceeds go to

Thursday, 27 September 2012

7th October: Skate Fest...

Good News Everybody! Chris Coupe has gotten in touch and asked if OOS would like to get involved with this Summer Twilight Skate Fest. Obviously we said no, but make it down as I'm sure there will be much going on. Look out for 'The Saturday Night Roll-over' (a most absurd obstical) and other death defying ramps made by the amatures at OOS....See you there!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

BMT Vol.1

These guys...

The Fun never ends!

Stockwell Locals BMT Crackheads Jazz tunes Fela Kuti Bros Skateboarding One Days worth of footage ...feel the vibes of stockwell skatepark! my favourite park in london with out a doubt. featuring the likes for jeremy jones, alex lally, Sam Taylor, euwin, BMT Crew josh, jack, joe, and more locals.

Sam Bird, Kieran Hodges and Leroy Choat shred Stockers

Stockwell from | Skate Blog | on Vimeo.

Stockwell Skatepark Session, featuring Sam Bird, Kieran Hodges and Leroy Choat. Soundtrack: Fountains of Spring by Prefuse 73.

Monday, 21 May 2012

What a Tit

A few photos from my modern day equivalent of a swiss army knife.


Thank you Will Robson Scott for making this video of a true icon of the London skateboarding fraternity. I have been skateboarding in and around the city of London for nearly 20 years, in that time Graeme has always been there. His passion and intimate knowledge of the skateboarding industry in general is remarkable. Though he may not remember your name, he will always be there to reminisce and roll about with you checking out what's underneath everyones feet and having a go to see how it rides. Big up Graeme,
may your skating days be a-plenty.

"Have fun skating!" - Graeme.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Dan asked me to post this up to advertize you go Dan.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Out of Stock Screening @ 93ft East 29th Feb

There will be another chance to watch Out Of Stock at the premier of the Graffiti Film 'Whole Train' on the 29th of February 2012. Come by, it's free and the graff movie is aparrently pretty good too!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Press: Sidewalk (Surfer) Magazine

Is it still known as 'Sidewalk Surfer'? either way we are really stoked to have an article in this months issue. Written and layed out by Jim Thompson, Photography by Ashley Walker w/ extra photography by Shit Cam.. Pick up your copy today..

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Tizer does new DJ Format Promo

Our friends over at Paintshop Studio have put together this nice animation on a shoe string budget. Produced over a single evening, Dep and Tizer came up with this for DJ Format for his new album Statement of Intent. Definitely a company worth keeping an eye on, you can see more of Tizer's work here and Dep's work here. Enjoy!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Roll Back The Years

Our good friends Lovenskate & French are showing their work at this exhibition starting tonight in East London. Swing by and show your support (details above)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

January 10th

 French Tom

Kingpin’s “Set In Stone: A DIY Project” (trailer)

Alex & co spent 2011 grafting all over Europe on various D.I.Y projects and Kingpin’s full DIY issue (Issue 98) should be in stores soon, with a series of exclusive DIY videos going live on the Kingpin site shortly after.

Check their “Set In Stone” teaser below for a taste of things to come.

More Skateboarding Videos

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

BrixtonSkate7: Youtube Channel

I have just been linked to Nick & Jakes youtube channel.. When these two are involved you know there is going to be some funny slams, enjoy.

View their youtube channel here

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Skate everyday in January with Scott Madill

As you may or may not know Scott Madill has set himself a skate challenge for what could be the toughest month of the year.. He has set himself the task of skating everyday in January and if you have woken up today you will know that the wind is full power and it isn't the best conditions for skateboarding. I met up with Scott on day one down at Stockers and you can read all about it on the Lizard in a Labcoat blog..

Day 1 (click to read)

Day 2 (click to read)
see how Scotts second day went at Sunbury

and my own day 2 skate at the new Clapham Common skatepark:

Day 3 (coming today)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Billy Holmes: Concrete Garden

Billy Holmes is making a film called: Concrete Garden
Click here to follow the progression of his film...

Photo credit: Chris Bisson

Photograph: Chris Bisson, Jan 2011
Just wanted to say thank you to Whip for letting us use this photograph for the "IN STOCK" exhibition flyer. The photograph was taken around this time last year, it had been snowing and at this point was melting into dampness. So Me Whip & Bennett made a brave attempt at drying a section to squeeze a skate in. In hindsight we needed fire to dry that shit... but we didn't have fire so we just skated anyway.

Here is the proof:

James Hall Ripping

winter sickness... don't let the cold put you off. James doesn't give a fuck.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Stockwell Winter Games December 2011

Video: Jim Thompson
Featuring: Rich, Ivan, James, William, Morgan, Pikey, Eric, Stevie, George, Martyn, and more...

Eyefeelsick of doodleing


Monday, 5 December 2011

Huge Thanks!

Once again I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to all those that have been working hard and getting involved with 'In Stock' and 'The Stockwell Winter Games'. We had a rough start with the rain preventing us from hosting the full set of events, but we made do with some best trick comps and new obsticals. Prizes were won and blood was spilled, all in all what you would expect from a skate jam in the winter. Things then moved on to the pub with the premier of Joshua Jennings section for DC, (this will be uploaded onto the worldwide web for all to see if you missed it on the night), DJing from the likes of Matt Gold & Charlie Pearce, a live performance by Shot Crabs Got Jail followed by a Live Beatbox from Tom Pikey Esquire. There you had a chance to grab some merch from Alana's stall decorated with a mural by Rich and Pat, get some beer at the bar and generally have a great time out from the cold!

I'd like to say a personal thanks to the following, without whom this would not have been possible:

Harriet - For pushing to get things done and generally helping out along the way, for the rad stall and staffing the show on the night,
Adam - For sourcing all the wood and metal for the ramps at the Stockwell Winter Games. They were skated hard and I'm sure will continue to be until they are felled to the ground. Also for sorting the bands and DJ's, a seminal member of the OOS team.
Ed Martin -For supplying all the prizes for the games and supporting our projects, huge big ups!
Nik Jones - For nailing Joshua Jennings' edit, hit the spot for sure!
Tom Pikey Esquire - For his voice at the Stockwell Games (I owe you for that!) and for providing an extremely entertaining set at the In Stock show, big up!
Charlie & Dan - For a series of tremendous Reggae sets, you guys played all the right tunes and I was very much into it (as was the guy dancing who liked it so much he thought it best to take off his shirt), let's do it again!
Rich & Pat - For their mural at the pub, I'm sure you'll get your revenge through your paintings on those messy folk that disturbed your progress on Saturday, nightmares and the like.
Simon - For putting us up in his pub & for having a bunch of reprobates take over for the evening. The Queens Head is definitely the Stockwell local.

Thanks also for everyone that showed up BMT & all the South London locals, you guys smashed it all day, thank you all. Let's do it all again soon! 
- Toby.

A little bit of rain is no big deal...

Well done to everyone who made it out to skate yesterday for the Stockwell Winter Games..
In true Stockwell form, everyone braved the cold and damp, found the bit of concrete that was drying the quickest and started a new session..

We will be posting photographs, video footage and the results of yesterday's shenanigans here in the next few days so keep an eye out..

A big thank you to Simon, Tin Tin & The Queens Head for having us last night..
and a big thank you to Shot Crabs Got Jail for turning up and doing an impromptu set, they have just re-formed and a good thing too, nice drumming Mikey.
Raspect to Charlie, Jim & Matt for spinning the tunes... good vibes...
And a special thank you to Pikey Esquire, for his hung over comparing all day long topped with a crowd pleasing beat box performance leaving everyone wanting more late on a Sunday night..

Monday, 28 November 2011

In Stock - THIS SUNDAY!!!

'In Stock' & 'The Stockwell Winter Games' will be taking place on Sunday the 4th December starting at 1pm. Since the success of 'Out Of Stock', we have been busy organizing an event to better the last with the addition of the 'Stockwell Winter Games'. This new addition will be a test of nerve and character of those locals hardened enough to enter the competition. The Winter games will feature both BMX riders and Skateboarders (but no Scooterers or Roller Bladers I'm afraid) to include the majority of those that frequent the park. Events featured will include:

- The Hi-Jump: Competitors will face our height bar out of the sugar bowel. Last man standing wins!
- The Long Jump: Longest Ollie / Bunny Hop in 3 attempts wins!
- Fastest Lap: 3 attempts to set the fastest time round the set line.
- *ALL NEW* Timed run: 3 minute run around the park to show us what you got. Judges will rate your performance on skill / number of tricks / creativity.
- Best trick of the day: Best trick of the day in any event wins!
(Prizes supplied by DCshoecousa)
Any amateur skateboarder can enter so get down early to grab your place in the line up.

The day will continue on with 'In Stock' exhibition at The Queens Head Pub. This will start at 5pm there with the premiere of new DC flow rider Josh Jennings video edit (Nik Jones) and a mixture of old and new artwork, photography and film from the Stockwell locals. There will also be local bands and DJ's to entertain, many of whom you'll have seen down at the park.

Greg Digshot: New artist announced for show

Here is a section of some of Gregs artwork - usually involving hair and anuses...

Thursday, 24 November 2011

'In Stock' 4th December

'In Stock' @ The Queens Head (144-148 Stockwell Road  London SW9 9TQ) with the first ever 'Stockwell Winter Games' 12pm start. With support from DCshoecousa.

Shucks One Solo: Foundation Rocks

Shucks One Presents "Foundation Rocks" Exhibition
Wed 30th Nov 6-10pm
Dalston Superstore 117 Kingsland High Street E8 2PB
Exhibition Runs from 30/11/11 - 8/1/12
Live music from the Club Rock DJs & Mylon
Fund Raising Raffle for Way Out Project

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Yeah Right Sucker!!!

Tre-flip first time?! LET'S SEE IT THEN!!!! Yelawolf at Stockwell:

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Coming Soon: Stockwell Winter Games

Get yer ice skates on, the Winter Games 2011 are coming soon....

We are now on Facebook!

Seeing as most people are on Facebook, except me and Adam (because we value our private lives) we thought it best to keep Out Of Stock in everyone's faces. Join us here, and stay up to date with all things OOS. It is being run by Harriet (Alana) so get in touch and 'like' everything we do (whatever that means!?)

Shucks One (ID) "Cameo Shucks" Solo Exhibition 30th Nov

You may recognize this mans artwork from the Out Of Stock exhibition earlier this year. Anyone that is genuinely into Hip Hop will already know about this man and his blogs: Foundation Rocks and The Kool Skool, and also his spot on the radio show Sensei FM. If you don't then you should spend the time to get to know as this guy has more knowledge about this genre of music and lifestyle than anyone I have ever met, is a bonified member of Zulu Nation and member of the infamous graff team - The Idiots Crew (ID).

He has a solo exhibition coming up soon on the 30th Nov. So far I can't find a location, but when I do I will post it up. Hip Hoppers keep this date free, you won't want to miss it!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Mike Manzoori, always rad...

Mike Manzoori, Stockwell legend, super cool guy and an awesome film maker took home Best Original Screenplay for AIMLESS at the International Skateboard Film Festival.
Check out his Superpanoramic film here

And here he is shredding London back in 1999..

Peace out Manzo.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Doodle Jam: Halloween Special

Doodle Jam kicked off again at the Notting Hill Arts Club last night. With live artwork from Mr.Gauky, Bromley & The 5683, there was an impressive set of canvas up for sale and a fair bit of drunk doodling. Doodle Jam is done for this year, but will be back again next year in February, so if you were too hung over to make it this time round put Anti-Valentines Day Doodle Jam Special in your diaries with more stuff to draw on than you can shake a dead cat at!

George & Marteenwolf

The 5683



Steph & Erin